Course Schedule

Week 0   Intros, tech practice, first call
Week 1   History: Our Rich & Varied Past
Week 2   History: Informing the Present
Week 3   Theology: Documents, Texts, Beliefs
Week 4   Theology: Diversity, Justice, Witness
Week 5   Polity: Structure, Constitution & Funding
Week 6   Polity: Covenant & Responsibility
Week 7   Authorized Ministry & You
Week 8   Life in the UCC: Ethos, Expectations & Events

General Workflow

Each course week is expected to run Wednesday to Tuesday, and ends with a video conference call from 7-8:30pm

DAY 1   Read primary text(s)
DAY 2   Read
DAY 3   Post to the discussion board
DAY 4   Read secondary texts, prepare writing assignments (usually one page or less)
DAY 5   Read and respond to colleagues’ posts
DAY 6   Rest
DAY 7   Participate in the video conference

The Essential Details

October 15 – December 11

Approx. 24-32 hours of classwork, including weekly video conferences, over eight weeks

Scholarships may be available from your Committee on Ministry