Committee on Ministry Approval

Most UCC Committees on Ministry (COM) require Members in Discernment and ministers seeking Privilege of Call to complete a “history and polity” course like Exploring the UCC. Seminarians will often complete this course as part of their academic program, so this course does not offer academic credit unless a student makes special arrangements with their seminary and the instructor.

This course was developed in cooperation with the COM of the Western NC Association (WNCA) of the Southern Conference, and is approved to meet the WNCA “history and polity” requirement for Members in Discernment. Because completion of this course is required by the COM, each student’s performance will be shared first with the student, and then with the COM in a manner that respects confidentiality while meeting the instructor’s obligation to the authorizing body. The instructor will report student performance on the following scale, and will respond to appropriate questions from the COM —

  • Met course expectations with excellence
  • Met course expectations
  • Fell short of course expectations — additional coaching recommended
  • Did not meet requirements

Students who complete the course assignments, participate fully, and meet the terms outlined on the Ready to Register? page should have no concern about meeting course expectations.

Want your COM’s approval for this course?

Download course flyerIf you’d like to participate in this course, suggest your COM Chair review this website — or send them a copy of the PDF flyer at right. If your COM is interested, we’re glad to provide a detailed syllabus and discuss options!

The Essential Details

October 15 – December 11

Approx. 24-32 hours of classwork, including weekly video conferences, over eight weeks

Scholarships may be available from your Committee on Ministry