The United Church of Christ traces its roots to the earliest days of the Protestant Reformation — a denominational narrative that reflects the arc of Protestantism and the evolution of the American national story.

A denomination that believes God is still speaking, the UCC seeks to ensure its pastoral leaders spend time exploring the denomination’s rich history, its covenantal and inclusive theology, and its organizational polity. Understanding where we’ve come from and how we arrived where we are informs both our present and our future — and reveals how God has worked in our corporate and individual lives through the centuries.

This eight-week course offers —

  • structured online learning — with assignments due each week
  • interpersonal connection with weekly 90-minute video conferences
  • wide reading that seeks to leave participants more energized than exhausted
  • practical assignments that deepen a UCC connection while creating a library of resources for future use

The goal of this course: to help participants build a solid base of knowledge about the UCC— its history and story, its beliefs and practices, its structure and organizational norms — and deepen their affiliation with and identity in the United Church of Christ.


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The Essential Details

October 15 – December 11

Approx. 24-32 hours of classwork, including weekly video conferences, over eight weeks

Scholarships may be available from your Committee on Ministry